Xander Demos is a high-energy rock and metal guitar player from Pittsburgh, PA. He is fueled by the passion to create melodic songs ranging from rock and metal genres to pop and ambient. Xander normally is associated with the rock and metal world but his versatility allows him to be comfortable in many forms of music.

Xander grew up in the decade of decadance and has been a big fan of everything from pop-metal, Top-40, thrash metal, progressive rock and even dance-related music. As long as there was a hook or a melody, he picked up on it. Xander's main influences are Shawn Lane, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Guthrie Govan, Jason Becker, Neal Schon, Micheal Romeo and John Sykes. In the early days, he was fortunate to have some teachers whom he respected and had given him great tools by which to hone his fluid technique. Some of these players include Ralph Santolla (ex-Deicide, Obituary), Dallas Perkins (M.I. Instructor) and currently Derryl Gabel.

Xander's playing style ranges from the beautifully melodic to the jaw-dropping insane. His playing encompasses much of what he has learned and absorbed from other players over the years. His melodies are the kind you can hum along to. He is releasing the full-length follow-up to his EP "Road To Guitarcadia", an instructional DVD, working with his three bands playing live every weekend and is now accepting guitar students for in-person and online lessons.

2011 had been a good year and Xander is currently building on that momentum for 2012. Make sure you check the news page as well as his Facebook page which gives constant news about his musical activities.

Musical Projects:
Xander Demos Band:

The Xander Demos Band (XDB) has been active since early 2011 and contains four virtuosos backing up Xander and all of his guitar pyrotechnics. They have had a great 2 years playing shows with Neil Zaza, UFO, The Dio Deciples, Uli Jon Roth, Buckethead, Lizzy Borden, Adrenaline Mob, Symphony X, Helstar and Kip Winger. The very talented Matt Williams (bass) and Chris Batton (drums) did an outstanding job on the recording of Guitarcadia as well as playing live until the reformation of the band in 2012. The latest version of XDB features Jeff Anzelone on drums, Adam Heuesy on keyboards, Ben Chiarini on bass and Mario Brescia on Lead Vocals. In 2013, the band is out supporting the Guitarcadia since signing with Rock N Growl records in Germany late last summer. The new album titled Dancing Through Daggers will be released towards the end of 2013. CJ Snare of Firehouse is back on board to mix and master the new album as he did with Guitarcadia
Sabbath Judas Sabbath:

Xander has joined forces with Houston native and thrash-metal vocalist James Rivera (Helstar, Malice, Seven Witches, Vicious Rumors) on a new East Coast chapter of his Sabbath Judas Sabbath project. This band is a national tribute band with chapters in Europe and in various locations across the United States. The East Coast chapter has Xander sharing lead guitar duties with fellow Pittsburgh natives Bill Staley (formerly of Creature of Habit), Greg Bittner (also formerly of Creature of Habit) on bass and fellow XDB bandmate Jeff Anzelone on drums.

More information on Sabbath Judas Sabbath can be found at

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