Xander's Gear and Endorsements

"I use McNaught guitars including a rare Tempest, a G-5 outfitted with a Graphtech Ghost system and also the Xander Demos signature series guitars both 6-string and 7-string models (the XD627 and XD727 respectively). I also use Suhr custom guitars, specifically the 24-fret Modern and I have a great Suhr Tele as well. I have a couple of custom Conklins on the way in 2013 and I also have a few random guitars like a Carvin that has the guts of a Roland VG guitar installed in there and I have a one-of-a-kind Ibanez 540-PII with the Steve Vai DNA finish. Most of my guitars are equipped with EMG SPC controls in place of tone controls where applicable and primarily all guitars are made of Basswood with Quilted Maple tops highlighting the gorgeous figuring of the wood. I usually use Jim Dunlop .009 gauge strings and on occasion I will use Elixir coated strings.

My signature guitars include the Tremol-No and Floyd-Upgrades tremolo systems. My 7-string signature model uses the new Lo-Pro Floyd Rose Original that can be found on Chris Broderick's 7-string model Jackson. When using a piezo (or synth) preamp, I use GraphTech Guitar Labs systems such as the LB-63 Floyd Rose licesnsed tremolo."

Read all about the XD series of guitars here!

"I exclusively use the Fractal Audio Axe-FX systems both live and in the studio. In my studio, I use the original Axe-FX Ultra mated to a Mesa Boogie SimulClass 2:90 amp into a Hughes and Kettner stereo 4 X 12 cab. Live, I use the Axe-FX II into the Matrix GT800FX power amplifier into either a 2 X 12 Hughes and Kettner stereo cab or a pair of Mesa Boogie 2 X 12 vertical cabs. I also have a Custom Audio Amplification head (by Suhr) that I use on occasion. My H & K cabs are loaded with Celestion V30 speakers and my Boogie cabs are loaded with the EV Black Shadow speakers."

"EMG 707 7-string and 808 8-string pickups, Suhr Doug Aldrich signature pickups and various Duncan and Dimarzio pickups based on my needs."

"Nearly all of my effects come from the Axe-FX II and I am not a big effects person to begin with. I use the looper function as well as some of the amazing sounds on the unit."

"I have a simple pedal board that I'll use if I am playing somewhere that has backline already and I don't bring my own amp(s). I call this my 'safety net'. I use a Suhr Riot pedal, Suhr Koko Boost, MXR EVH Phaser, Digitech Whammy DT, Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah and the ISP Technologies Decimator G-String."

"I use Avid ProTools 9.x on an Apple iMac and I have various preamps and mics such as the PreSonus Eureka and the Focusrite Octopre MKII. I prefer the Sennheiser e906 for guitar recording and live use."

"I use V-Picks exclusively as well as Scott Dixon triple trolley road cases. "

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