WebCam Lessons Available!

If interested, please contact Xander via email at xander@xanderdemos.com or by phone at 412-612-9507. If you would like to purchase lessons you can use the Paypal buttons on this page and you will be contacted by Xander and scheduled for your lesson plan whether it's just a one-time or block plan.

You only need a WebCam, some downloadable software (that is usually free of charge), high speed access and a guitar!

Lessons and lesson scheduling are flexible for every student. Lesson times are worked out on an individual's basis. We only ask that you provide courtesy if you have to cancel as there are no refunds for missed lessons. Rescheduling is no problem provided that you do so before your scheduled lesson.

To make things easier, if you have YouTube videos of yourself playing or any footage of your playing and playing style, please send that over prior to your lessons so we can evaluate your style and target what can be discussed in your lessons.

Get Started Today!
Single Lesson: $55.00 Four Lesson Block: $200.00 Three-Month Lesson Block (13 lessons): $599.00

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